66 Book Club!

Welcome to the 66 Book Club! Where 66 Books is open one weekend a month to members of the public & not businesses.

Come alone, with a friend or bring your kids (no booking required) - it's 70% off all books for everyone!

Membership is just £2 p.a. and that includes your household.

You can become a member only at the book club during the appointed weekends.

Opening times 9am - 6pm.

if you have a question about the book club then please MESSAGE us on our Facebook page.

**Please note that we are unable to answer phone calls on Saturdays & Sundays. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience**

OR ORDER ONLINE - https://bookclub.66books.co.uk/ 


2021 Book Club Dates

  • April 10th - 11th

  • May 8th - 9th 

  • June 5th - 6th

  • July 10th - 11th

  • August 7th - 8th 

  • September - 4th - 5th 

  • October 2nd - 3rd

  • October 9th - 10th

  • November 6th - 7th

  • November 13th - 14th

  • December 4th - 5th

  • December 11th - 12th

  • December 18th - 19th 

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